Don’t Breathe Movie Review

Story time 

My friends and I saw the movie “Don’t Breathe.” We got to the movie theater at 4:45 so we could go to the 4:55 movie, but it is rated R and one of my friends did not have her I.D. We had to drive back home to get it then go back. 

The next movie wasn’t until 7:20 so we stopped at Arby’s to get some food. After we ate we went back to the theater, got the tickets, and went in the auditorium. When we walked in there were three guys that we joked about sitting next to even though the whole room was empty. 

Movie Review 

Rate: 8/10

The movie was suspenseful, but unrealistic in some aspects. There were times where my friends and I all agreed that there was no way that could happen. Although, that took away from the greatness of the movie, it did not totally ruin it. All of the suspense and plot twists kept us on the edge of our seats. Every time we thought it was safe something else would happen. 


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