The Commanders

My friend, Amber, and I are helping coach a co-ed soccer team. We got volunteered, because her older sister said she would coach a team, but she knows nothing about soccer. 

Saturday they had tryouts. All the kids did a few little things to show their skills while the coaches tried to figure out which ones they want on their team. Amber’s sister said she doesn’t care who is on the team just don’t choose this one boy because he doesn’t listen. She also said that if they ask what the team name is say “the commanders.” Originally, she said they should be called Beckham’s bitches, but that wouldn’t be accepted. 

After tryouts, Amber went in with the other coaches and drafted the ones we wanted. She came out and said she got most of the ones we liked. Apparently, it’s very intense in there.

Today, we had our first practice. We have 14 kids. One boy has pink cleats which I think is great. Props to his parents for allowing that. Another boy is very respectful, but we think he may have something slightly wrong with him, which isn’t a problem. Another boy is the boy Amber’s sister requested that we not get on the team, but he didn’t act up too much.

We started it by passing the ball back and forth which quickly got messy but they fixed it. Then we did some dribbling. Some of the kids were really good and others need some work. Then we practice shooting on goal with the kids who wanted to be goalie. The boy with the pink cleats tried it, and is our best candidate so far. 

After that we did a dribble, pass, shoot drill. We have a few left footed kids that got put on the right side, and had trouble passing, while the right footed kids in the left had trouble, so we told them they need to pass with their other foot instead of turning to pass with their dominant foot. 

The practice ended and everyone went home. We talked it over, and are planning where we think each kid will be best at. 


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