Tinder Date Gone Wrong

Saturday, my friends (Austin and Carey) and I went bowling. Carey said she invited a guy she matched with on Tinder, but hadn’t met him yet. Austin and I were cool with it and I was kinda excited because I had matched with him a while back, but we had never met and the conversations just kinda ended.

We get to the bowling alley and the tinder guy said he would be late, because he had to dry his clothes. So we went ahead and started a game without him. I was rocking this game until Austin finally warmed up and started beating me.Tinder boy finally shows up toward the end of our game and his name is Austin too, although, on tinder it said his name was something else. 

So he started bowling with us once we finished that game. The poor guy could not bowl. He kept getting gutter balls. Carey talked to him a little, but didn’t say much. I figured she was a little nervous. We finished that game then bought another one.

After a minute or two Carey said she had to go because her dad was having problems and needed her help. So she left and the date stayed to finish the game. Right after she left she texted me saying “My dad is fine I just didn’t like him. He gave me bad vibes” 

I asked how and she said the first thing he said was “we should kiss for good luck.” Maybe I’m just a romantic but I thought that was cute and I probably would have 

Her date stayed to finish the game so Austin and I tried to talk to him a little. Well mostly Austin because I was too shy. We finally finished the game and he left. I feel really bad for the boy. 


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