It’s been a while since I’ve posted which I am ashamed of, but here is a quick update. I was promoted from courtesy clerk to cashier which gets me a 5¢ raise(Horray!). Being a cashier is easier in some ways, but also more difficult in others. It’s easier because I have one job to do, but that job is harder because I have to make sure I don’t mess up the money or anything else. So far I’m doing alright and haven’t done too much wrong. 

I have two more weeks of school then I’ll be done for the semester. I have all As and Bs, but I am hoping to bring up my Bs. I think I’ll be able to pull them up except for math, because math is complicated. If any of you know how to do college algebra please let me know. 

My love life has been almost nonexistent for a while now, but a guy in my English class asked me on a date last week. His name is Alan. We went to Dunkin’ Donuts for hot chocolate then we went bowling. I won both games, but he may have let me. Then when I was driving him home (he doesn’t have a car) he slickly got me to hold his hand by saying “can you drive with one hand? Wink wink” while he held out his hand. I was hesitant to say yes,because I wasn’t sure if I could and I also wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but then I gave in because it’s just holding hands not getting married. So we held hands and talked then when I dropped him off he kissed my hand (which my friend thinks is the cutest thing ever). Then he told me I looked nice. We are planning for another date this weekend.

So that’s been my life lately.


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