Pranking Wars

My brother loves to prank people, especially me. He has this new prank where he puts a bunch of coins in my ceiling fan, so when I turn it on it goes flying everywhere. He knows I will fall for this prank because I always sleep with my fan on.

So last week he did it for the first time. I turned my fan on like I always do at night and the change flew off. One even hit me in the head. Then a few nights later he did it again. Then he tried the next night but I caught on, and checked before I turned my fan on. 

Yesterday he was talking about how he wishes he could see it happen. So I came home and went in my room and he said ” I finally get to see it in action” and turned the fan on. Naturally, I ran out trying to avoid being hit. He got me again, because he only put one coin on the fan.

I have declared that I will prank him back, but I have no idea how.


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