First Week of College


I woke up at about 7 A.M, got dressed, ate breakfast, did all the other things people do in the morning, then took my little brother to school. The Great thing is his school is on the way to mine, so there was no back-tracking. After i dropped him off, I went to my school, and ended up being a little earlier than I wanted to be.

My first class, Honors English Composition 1, is on the second floor of the second building, which isn’t used that often. I got there and everyone was standing outside the class, because the door was locked. like I said, it isn’t used often, so they forget to unlock it.

My professor is a skinny lady who is very kind. At one point she said she was only being nice, because it was the first day, then when she told us that she takes 20 points off late work and will only accept it up to a week after it was due she said ” see I told you I get mean.” Honestly, I thought she was being generous with that, but that’s just me.

After we went over the syllabus, she got us to get in groups and come up with arguments for if we should or should not allow people to sell their organs for profit.Everyone agreed that we should be allowed to.


My first class was Elementary Spanish 1. The professor walked in said “hola” then continued to speak only Spanish. She pulled up a few pictures of her family and told us about them in Spanish. What I could understand through her hand motions is that she adopted her kids and they like swimming. 

After 20 minutes of that she spoke English which was a relief because I was looking around wondering if I was the only one confused.Then We all had to say in Spanish our names, where we are from, and an activity we like. “Me llamo Madison. Soy de Georgia. Me gusta softball.

To finish up the class she started on a lesson about pronouncing the letters. Turns out Spanish is so much easier than English when it comes to pronouncing words, because every letter in pronounced in Spanish words. 

After Spanish I was supposed to go to math but I had to work so I skipped it and got my sister to take notes for me.


I went to my English class, where we discussed thesis statements. At the end she told us to write a paragraph, 8-10 sentences, using one of the quotes in the book. I chose one that said ” it is never too late to become what one might have been” which is similar to something I said in my valedictorian speech, so I figured it couldn’t be too hard to do. I was wrong. 8-10 sentences with a thesis statement is actually difficult. Mine ended up being 7 sentences. 

After English, I have an honors psychology class that is a hybrid class so we only meet once a week. The professor is a short older lady who seems to be a little crazy. She walked in and told us that since it’s only once a week she has to talk fast, which is what she did the entire class. By the end of the class me and three girls that sit near me were all confused and trying to figure out how to answer the homework questions. We all got each other’s numbers so we could all help each other.


I went to Spanish again where she talked in Spanish only for half the class then explained the rest in English. We grouped up at one point so I met two guys who seem to know what they’re doing so I’ll make sure to befriend them. 

After Spanish I had College Algebra, which was actually easy considering I missed the first day. We went over rational equations and how to solve them. 


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