First Day of Work

I was pretty nervous to start working today, but everything turned out fine. I did accidentally drop a lady’s milk, and she made me exchange it even though it didn’t break or anything. I also dropped some oranges on the floor, which was super embarrassing.

One lady checked out with her five kids. She had a girl and four boys. The girl is about my age, one boy is a few years younger than me, another is about 8, another is maybe 6, and the youngest was probably 3. While I was bagging the six year old can up beside me and asked what my name is. I told him its Madison and asked what his is. He told me, but I didn’t quite understand him, because he has a bit of a speech impediment. A minute or so later the 8 year old started helping me bag, then the 6 year old helped too. It was really cute. Everyone in the family was really nice and patient with me. 

I didn’t really talk to any of my co-workers, except this one guy. I don’t know his name, but he asked me a few questions, then told me he was hiding because he got in trouble. I think he was trying to skip out on bringing the buggies in, which I don’t blame him. It gets very hot bringing them in.

I worked with one cashier who is a few years older than me. She has blonde hair with pink in it, which I think is cool. One customer commented on it, and asked me if I would do that, and I told her no. Then she said she probably wouldn’t either. 

Finally 7:30 came and I was able to leave. I don’t work again until Thursday.


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