Job Training

Today, I started training to be a courtesy clerk at Kroger. Courtesy clerk is just a fancy name for a bagger, so please don’t think I have a special job. The training takes place at a training center not at the store like you would think. 

Today was day one of two. I was nervous when I got there, because I had no clue where to go, so I followed someone else who was there for training. We went to the top floor where we clocked in, then I went to the second floor to a room full of round tables. 

I sat down at an empty table and was soon joined by an older man named Terry, a boy about my age whose name I don’t know, and a girl whose name I didn’t catch either. 

When it started the trainer, Paul, got everyone to stand up and tell their name, position, store, and favorite non-work activity. This made my shy self very nervous. Luckily, he started on the opposite side of the room from me, so I had time to plan out and practice what I was going to say. “My name is Madison. I’m going to be a courtesy clerk at ___ store and my favorite activity is softball.”

I ended up being the last person to go. I stood up answered everything and sat back down. Once I sat down I realized that I had spoken so quickly that I’m not sure if I even answered them right. For all I know I could have said my name is Becky.

Paul continued the session with a bunch of facts about the store, and other things I wasn’t really interested in. Half way through we got a fifteen minute break which was wonderful. After the break we finished the session then went to our lunch break.

Since we get paid during training, I had a theory that I should be the first to clock in and last to clock out, so I could get more time. It’s kinda silly since it may only add five more minutes to my time, but, hey, more money is always accepted. 

While I was in line to clock out for lunch, the girl in front of me asked if I was in high school or college. I told her I am in college, and she told me that she was taking a year off, which I applaud her for. She also said she has two schools in mind, and I know one is an all girl school, but I’m not sure about the other. 

By the time I got through the line, there weren’t many seats left in the lunchroom. Although, there were some I was too shy to try to sit at one, so I found a chair in the hall and sat at it. I wasn’t alone, so I did not look like a complete loser.  

After lunch, we went to our next session which was customer engagement. It was all about how to treat the customers. Paul told each table to make a skit about bad customer service. Somehow I got the table full of people who did not enjoy acting in front of people, so we said we would just wing it. Once all the other groups had gone up, Paul asked if anyone was left, and my group had already said we wouldn’t raise our hands if he asked, but other tables snitched, and told him we hadn’t gone. Paul was very nice and told us that if we didn’t want to go up then we didn’t have to, so we didn’t.

The rest of the session was boring, but there was one guy who insisted on asking questions and making comments every chance he had, which annoyed me a bit, but since I am in the “customer service business” I was patient with him. I also should be kind to him, because he gave me a $3 off my next Kroger purchase coupon. 

The session ended and I clocked out for the day. Now I have to go back tomorrow from 12:30- 9. Wish me luck. 


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