College Update

I went to orientation Friday. Everyone sat in the auditorium and listened to people explain the different services they have, such as tutoring. One guy came in, and told us that we can sign up to run across the field at the first football game, which I think I might do it. 

Next, we were all directed to another room with computers where we could register for our classes.  I, along with a few others, were asked to go to another room where a man told us about honor classes. I only signed up for honors English Composition.

We went back to the computer room where we finished scheduling our classes. They didn’t help us much, which bothered me, so when I was able to go to my own college campus I visited an advisor to make sure I picked the right classes. 

Now I am taking Honors English Composition, Psychology, Spanish, and College Algebra. I’m excited for all of my classes except algebra. I’m not bad at algebra, but I hate it. I mostly just hate that basically everything in math was made up. Like numbers, measurements, equations, all of it was made up. We event have imaginary numbers. I know most of it had logic behind it, but still. 

Anyways, the Algebra class I was originally going to take got cancelled due to lack of participation, which works out because it interfered with my Wednesday church. 


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