Police Shootings

I happened to stumble upon this, which has every recorded fatal police shooting for the year. I have found it to be quite interesting, because you can filter them by race, age, gender, state. mental illness or not, armed or unarmed, body camera or not, whether they were fleeing the scene or no, and if the officers are identified. Below I have put tables of the information for this year.


Male Female
537 27

Mental Illness

Yes No/Unknown
136 428

Officers Identified

Yes No/Unknown
229 335

Body Cameras

Yes None/Unknown
73 491


White Black Hispanic Unknown Other
252 137 83 69 23


Under 18 18-29 30-44 45 and up Unknown
10 181 230 120 23


Car Foot Other Not Undetermined
93 72 25 367 7


Gun Knife Vehicle Toy Weapon Other Unarmed Unknown
313 100 38 23 24 35 31


As I read through some of the cases, I agreed with most, but some I believed the police were just trigger happy. For example, a 17 year old boy who was naked was shot when he began charging at the cop. A man with schizophrenia was shot when he physically confronted the officers. I understand that officers need to protect themselves, but if the person is unarmed then there are other ways to restrain them.


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