College Conundrum #1


I made the mistake of thinking that applying to my local community college would be a breeze, especially since I was already enrolled during my junior year of high school when I did dual enrollment/ move on when ready ( a program where I was allowed to take college classes while I was still in high school, but that’s another story.)

Since I was technically enrolled, but had not taken classes for a year, I went to the college to ask how I should enroll to become a freshmen instead of a dual enrollment student. the first lady I asked told me I need to go to the dual enrollment office and ask them. I thought she was wrong, because all the times I got sent there I was told to go somewhere else. I left that lady’s office, and went to another office, where I was kindly redirected to the addmissions office in the next building.

I went to the admissions office, asked my question, and was told to fill out this form. The form was the basic, name, address, student ID, etc., but it also asked for my social security number, which I did not have with me. So I called my dad, but he would not answer, and finally he did answer, but he put me on hold , because the insurance company called him. I figured it wouldn’t take long, but instead he took fifteen minutes.

During those fifteen minutes:

I was asked if I was okay, because I’m sure I looked distraught

The guy who was helping me left, and a new guy came in

A lady asked the new guy what I was  there for, but he wasn’t sure, because he had just gotten there

I decided to leave there and go sit at a table outside the door

My dad hung up on me

After he hung up, I angrily texted my friend a mini rant about him, then called him back. He told me he forgot about me then gave me the number. I went in to turn the paper in, and the lady asked me a few questions, then told me I didn’t need to fill the paper out, because I needed to apply all over again since I had not taken classes there in so long. I was slightly frustrated, but she was nice and gave me her number in case I needed help.

I went home, filled out the application, then waited for it to process. Once it processed, I had to turn in my transcript. I should have been able to turn it in through a website, but it would not allow me to, since I had already sent one in two years earlier for dual enrollment, so I was forced to ask my school for one. That wasn’t much of a problem, just a slight inconvenience.

I turned in the transcript, and figured it wouldn’t take long to process, but two weeks later it still had not processed. My friends were complaining of having similar problems. One of my friends even went to the college to ask about hers, and was told that since the college is merging with a university, it has become more complicated.

Everything finally processed after two and a half weeks. I just took the online orientation last night, but I have to go to another campus an hour away to take the campus orientation. By the time I do that, I am hoping there will still be decent classes available for me.

Have you had any problems applying to your college?


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